Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ode to the Windshield Wiper

The 5 hour journey from NY to NH is a trip that I have come to enjoy, despite having driven the route countless times. It's a simple route: I-90 to I-87 until you hit route 7. This turns into route 9 in Vermont which is followed all the way to NH. See, simple.

On this trip my girlfriend joined in the fun, taking a ride to NH where she'll stay for a while, right up until before I have to travel to my first goalie camp - which actually involves returning to NY in order to pick up a fellow instructor in Albany. I always enjoy her presence on the trip. She keeps the mood light and helps to keep me awake while on 90. Aside from the great conversations, she's always singing no matter what song is on the radio... and she always seems to know the song on the radio... it's really quite amazing. Unfortunately, as we travel East, every radio station seems to only last for a few minutes and with no way of knowing what stations lie ahead, most of her time is spent searching for clear signals. In fact, we actually found that John Tesh (or however you might spell his name) is on all the time... and each station, as we moved out East, was slightly behind the other. Hence, we heard the same segments of his show over and over. Quite funny if you ask me, but really annoying! Several trips ago we decided that we should create a list of every radio station, or as many as we could find, in each area along 90 and the subsequent roads that we encounter. We believe every rest area should contain a list of the stations along 90 so no one needs to search the radio, every station would be listed with musical genre, easing the frustration of that annoying static.

The trip, otherwise, was fairly monotonous, filled with the usual twists and turns. There was a lot of rain, though, particularly in Vermont. Seeing as my wipers are in perfect shape they left wonderful smears right in my line of sight... no where else on my side of the windshield except right in my line of sight! Why is it that wipers always know where you're looking? They know right where you need to see so that they can distort the image you're trying to develop in your mind as best as possible. I'm pretty sure wiper blades hate people, plain and simple. Could I get new blades you might be asking? Yes... mine are quite old, nearly a year old in fact. Still... new blades would last, what, two weeks? and then proceed to laugh at you as they smear rain water and dead bugs right in the middle of the windshield.

There isn't much else that happened today or this evening. Just settling in at home and relaxing, enjoying the presence of my lady and my puppy (who just turned 14).

P.S. ~ To my windshield wipers... beware!

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