Thursday, June 19, 2008

Goodnight Birds

I have found, recently, that I am failing at this whole "sleeping" thing. You see, I tend to go to bed late, for example, last night, at approximately 4:30am I was saying goodnight to the birds that were saying good morning to me. My shades were beautifully lit by the early morning sun and the birds were singing a very pleasant good morning song, had I not been trying to sleep I might have enjoyed it, but instead I was contemplating a way to either tell them to go back to sleep for 5 more minutes (actually more like 5 hours) or reverse the Earth's rotational spin so that the sun would go back down. Neither worked. I guess tonight I'll try the whole going to bed early tactic people rave about. I don't have high hopes for that one.

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Gerry said...

Just noticed your reading list on the left. Discover magazine has an interesting interview with Max Tegmark this month about MWI (à la Everett) and his theory that reality is all just mathematical.

It took me two years to identify an offsides call, so wrapping my head around this will take some time. *rolleyes* Thought you might enjoy it, though.