Saturday, June 28, 2008

First Day

Today was finally my first day on the job for Rick Heinz. Although my first camp doesn't start until Monday, I had to pick up a fellow instructor from the airport in Albany, NY. About 1pm I left my girlfriends house near Syracuse, NY (where I had arrived at 11pm last night) and hopped on good old I-90. I must say I hated the thought of leaving her... we have spent nearly everyday since our college graduation together... well over a month... it seemed like that was how it was supposed to be. Sadly, though, I had to do this trip alone. I'll get to see parts of Vermont, Connecticut, and New Jersey (woo hoo for Jersey) without her... something I would truly rather do with her. I'd much like to see America with her, and not on my own.

Anyway, 2 1/2 hours after leaving Syracuse I arrived in Albany to find that the instructors plane was delayed, which I half expected due to the weather. So I hung out at Starbucks, drinking tea and reading a play required for Dartmouth - for orientation that is - on research ethics. It's actually an interesting play, in fact I normally do not enjoy reading plays, but obviously I can relate to this one and it is interesting how everything transpires. It's called "A Stampede of Zebras", by Robert C. Martin, if you're ever in the mood for a story on ethics. Yeah, no worries, I know you're not.

Finally, the time came to pick up the other instructor. I went to the airport and found his flight had arrived, so I waited by the luggage carousel for a man of his description wearing a Rick Heinz shirt. After about a half hour of waiting I saw no one that looked anything like his description. Still, I waited longer, until the lights identifying carousel 3 as the one for his flight dimmed and began to read "Welcome to Albany International Airport". The sign saying Chicago never reappeared - he was not going to show up today. I went to the United counter to see if I could trace him; maybe he missed a connection? No, it turns out he had to be rerouted and was not arriving until tomorrow morning. What was I to do? I was expected to arrive with him at our hotel in Vermont this night! I got a hold of the hotel and informed them of the change and found refuge with family friends near Saratoga Springs. I shall return tomorrow to find him - if he's there.

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