Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Further Introduction

For those readers who may not know me, I feel that I should take some time and give a brief introduction... well, it may not turn out to be brief. The first and most obvious question, would concern the title of the blog itself, "Adventures of a Northeastern Man". Yes I am really from the Northeast, a small town in New Hampshire, in fact. I can not, though, claim to have spent my entire life in the town which barely represents a dot on a map of the state. I began my existence in Saratoga Springs, New York. This is where I lived over half my life, thus far.

Following New York I had a stint in the Midwest, 6 years in small town Illinois, actually. Fate finally drew me back to the Northeast, a location where I feel I truly belong. My parents moved to New Hampshire when I was 16, and although I spent time in Illinois for one more year to finish high school, I returned to New York for college.

I attended a medium sized university in Central New York... and now, not the City. And no, it isn't Upstate New York as much as those city folk like to think... Upstate New York, in my mind, is the North Country by Canada. I won't get into my feelings on those from the City or their thoughts on us cow milkin' folk (though I have never actually milked a cow... I'm such a bad redneck apparently.) Oh, in my rambles I forgot to mention the University; it was SUNY Oswego, in Oswego, NY... you know... near Syracuse? Yeah, that normally does the trick, if not, Google Maps does wonders!

So here I am, 21 years since birth, getting ready for an exciting summer of goalie camps and preparation for graduate school where I will be returning to New Hampshire to attend Dartmouth College. I suppose I should take some time aside to explain my educational background... and don't worry, I'll start with Oswego.

At Oswego I met my wonderful girlfriend while tutoring her in Calculus. This was, I believe, the best thing Oswego had to offer me. I'd like to take this time now to thank the tax payers of New York for my scholarships which payed for me to meet the most wonderful girl anyone could have imagined. I was a physics major with an astronomy minor... and I actually earned a mathematics degree but didn't declare it, oh well! I also did a bunch of research at Oswego and the University of Rochester with almost the entire extent of my research focusing on astronomy with brief stints in Wind Power, Vibrational Characteristics of Tennis Rackets, and Nuclear Physics. The details of all my research would take too long and put too many people to sleep, so I will resist the temptation to ramble at this point - but I will continue if I ever feel inclined, no worries!

Anyway, 4 years of Oswego and 2 and a half of my wonderful girlfriend culminated in my acceptance into Dartmouth College for graduate school! Unfortunately, my girlfriend will be attending Oswego for graduate school, so we won't be close until she finishes her masters program at which point she can join me in NH as I finish my PhD program - very exciting!

I really have no idea what I was going to write at this point... I found that I went off on far too many tangents and lost my train of thought. Oh! How could I forget! I play hockey... have since I was 8... and I'm a goalie... hence the goalie instruction job. I can get into that on a later date. Maybe tomorrow? I need to write a lot and often at this point while I still have motivation to keep up on this thing!

Hope I didn't lose too many of you... for I think I lost myself.


Gerry said...

There must be a relationship between being a goalie and string theory...

QuantumGoalie said...

Hmmm... there may be... I think it's a mental disorder, to be completely honest.