Monday, June 23, 2008

Holy eBay!

Well, so much for hockey today. My usual M-W-F pick up hockey was apparently canceled, or at least the one of the women in the office didn't care to answer my call. I could have just went, and not called ahead to reserve my spot, but I would hate to drive 40 minutes only to find that they had enough goalies and that I wouldn't be able to play. So instead, I'm up early trying to keep myself occupied. I would go back to bed to get some more sleep, but I've already had my cup of morning coffee - which reminds me, I need a refill!

As an alternative to hockey this morning, I have decided to check up on my first sale item on eBay. Yes, my first one. I know many of you have sold tons of items, or have at least tried it before, but I have only bought a few things, but have never sold anything. My father is a big eBay guy, so I normally just leave it to him. The other day, though, I was going through my old toys from when I was a kid and found my old Might Morphin Power Rangers toys. Thinking I would keep them for my kids, I never really thought of the fact that my kids probably won't be interested in the original Power Rangers, so why am I keeping this stuff? I brought out the toys, got them all organized and collected the pieces to each figure and started taking pictures (with my new digital camera!) Before I listed, though, I did the smart thing and research Power Rangers toys on eBay to decide what was selling and what wasn't. To my surprise I found two of the toys that I had were selling between $50-$100! For items that cost $10 in 1993 I'm not sure if this is a great increase in price, but these items really are hot. There is a major bidding war of the original toy morpher and power gun. Luckily, mine are in great shape and are catching a lot of attention. I have already had a couple of offers for people to buy it and forgo the auction, but I think I'm going to let the auction take it's course for a little while. I also have the original Deluxe Megazord listed which has fetched a price over $100 when complete, even outside of the box! I'm missing one tiny piece, which is frustrating the crap out of me, because I know I have it somewhere! So if you're interested in Power Rangers toys, check it out. I should be posting more items soon.

So long for now.

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