Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vermont Wrap-Up

Directly above is a picture from our hotel room's back door. In the rear you will see the tennis court where the Canadian swept the tennis match, 3 sets to none. I did my country no justice and couldn't even win one set! Anyway, I have also supplied a picture or two of the hotel lobby, which was very rustic (aside from the baby toys - Sal has three daughters) and quite relaxing - until all the horse people showed up on Thursday night. They were loud and filled the rest of the hotel. We had peace and quiet nestled in the woods... but those damn horse people... apparently a horse show equals lots of drinking and major partying. Who knew!? Other than that, Sal, the owner, was great, as was Tom (his father-in-law) and Jake (Tom's 2 year old Golden Retriever) who always had at least two tennis balls in his mouth.

To sum up the camp, it went great. The kids started to finally get into the whole "learning" and "improving" aspect instead of the "I'm a tough guy/comedian" act. Once they started to put a little effort in things went more smoothly and they got a lot more out of it, of course. The first few days was a little more rough then I led on. They were wild and out of control. They lacked respect and discipline, but my colleague and I whipped them into shape.

There isn't much more to say about the camp, my colleague helped get me ready for what I am up against this week, being the head instructor at a camp, but luckily, this one would have only goalies - no players.

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