Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Canada - 2 : NH - 0

Damn Canadian got me again. He went up 3 games to 1 rather quickly, but I turned it around and came back to take the lead 5 games to 3... yet still, he won out, turning up the heat and taking the set 7 games to 5. This is why I'm not a tennis player. He says he's not that good and rarely plays, but I tell ya, he has a powerful shot that is accurate and his serve has a massive curve. We'll see, maybe he'll be up for a couple more sets before we leave on Friday night. I need to show I'm not so much of an embarrassment for my country! Oh yeah, he did have today on his side though - it's Canada Day in Canada, I'm convinced this had something to do with it.

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Melanie said...

...This out of 6 hours with brats? Where's the dirt? I don't even know what you ate at Friendly's...