Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bridgewater, NJ

So here I sit, at a Days Inn, in a shitty state. I'm not going to lie... New Jersey is a shit hole, well, at least central NJ. I did get a chance to view Western NJ thanks to Google. Their wonderful directions led me exactly where I didn't need to go, in fact, I was on the other side of the state. This wouldn't be the first time Google Maps has failed me. In fact, just last week in Vermont Google led me to the other side of Manchester in search of the hotel... exactly where we didn't need to go. As you can imagine, I have elected to not use Google Maps for directions anymore.

Once I found Bridgewater, which only took an extra hour (thanks Google!) I came across the worst road in US history. Route 22, a main road cutting through Bridgewater and most the rest of New Jersey has very strict rules... no turning left... ever! To get to the other side, you need to find a U-turn area. This wouldn't be too bad... except that the rink I go to is on the other side of Route 22 than me which means I have to go 4 miles out of my way (one direction) to get almost directly across the street. Great idea NJ, keep traffic moving and force people to use more gas, fantastic! And since there are only maybe three traffic lights on the entire road... it's packed and turning onto the road takes forever. It might be alright if Rt. 22 was the only road like this, but it turns out that most every major road follows these rules... some don't even let you turn right at a light... you have to exit the highway at a designated area where it takes you to the crossroad at which point you can choose your direction. Sounds like a great idea in theory... but in practice... it sucks, it sucks horribly. I hate driving in NJ. The road system is not aided by NJ driving either. NJ drivers are some of the worst. I knew this before coming here, but it has been reenforced.

Dear NJ - You Suck.

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