Monday, October 4, 2010

Home Improvement

I recently just moved into a new apartment, but, this apartment is also a fair bit smaller than the one I moved from. I have had to start being a bit more creative on how I organize my things. This past Sunday (that was yesterday), was deemed home improvement day at my new place in order to start to fulfil this creative calling. My mind was set to accomplish two tasks: create shelving in my closet to store boxes and to build a spice rack to store spices (of course).

After a dreadfully long trip to Home Depot (it takes forever to find things in that store!), I returned home with a saw, wood, sandpaper and wood glue. The shelves were easy since a couple 2x4s were already nailed up in the closet holding the hanger bar up. All I had to do was measure, cut and place. Done and done. The next task of building the spice rack was a nerve racking experience since I've never really built anything except for a birdhouse way back when. Here is the final product, with spices already in place. I am quite proud of myself, I think it turned out well.

and to "show off the detail", a side view:

After this positive construction experience, I think I am ready and willing to try my hand at building some other things when the time/need arises.

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