Monday, October 18, 2010

Best Chocolate

If you consider yourself a chocolate snob because you only eat the most expensive chocolate, then I surely hope you have tried chocolate from Taza. I was introduced to Taza chocolate through the book American Terroir by Rowan Jacobsen but finally purchased a bar yesterday at the Coop in Hanover. Here is the bar I purchased:

At first glance one sees that it is 80% dark chocolate, which might be a turn-off for most people due to the intense bitterness that dark chocolate usually brings. But this is no ordinary chocolate bar. The cocoa beans are direct from the grower who also takes the time to sun dry every single bean so that the full, robust flavor of the cocoa is achieved. What does this mean? No bitterness. None. Zip. You are first greeted by the gritty texture (do to stone grinding by Taza) and then a subtle nuttiness enters your palate; but not for long, as you are hit by a burst of fruity notes that flood your taste buds. It is one the most delicious chocolate bars you will ever taste, I kid you not. Why so great? They sun dry the beans and prepare them properly. That's why. For more information I encourage you to read American Terroir for Jacobsen can explain things much better than I.

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