Friday, January 15, 2010


I don't know about you, but I go through these phases every couple of weeks where I am totally hooked on something and then, for some unknown reason... possibly global warming or the presence of new sun spots, it changes abruptly and I find myself hooked on something else. I generally don't give this phenomenon any thought, so I won't. Here is a current list of things I am hooked on:

1) Price Chopper Crunchy Raisin Bran:

This has been more than a phase. In the past month I've gone through 7 boxes and it didn't just start a month or so ago, it has been going on since the summer, save a brief stint where Price Chopper didn't stock it, for some crazy reason! Also, I should note that due to reasons beyond our comprehension, they switched the color of the box from a dark purple to a light purple and then back again. I'm not going to analyze it. I'm just happy the dark purple is back and hopefully here to stay.

2) Cheesy Power Metal:

Notable bands making this list: DragonForce, Rhapsody, Avantasia, Dream Evil, etc. I have nothing against power metal and do quite often enjoy listening to it, but recently, I have been listening to DragonForce daily. I'm not their biggest fan, usually. I enjoy the speed, but it gets boring and tiring quickly and I cannot normally listen to them as much as I have been this past week. For some reason DragonForce makes doing Quantum homework easier.

This doesn't mean I'm exclusively listening to power metal. I still find time to enjoy other goodies like Cradle of Filth, 3 Inches of Blood, Nightwish, Therion, Sonata Arctica (still power metally), Fragments of Unbecoming, and many more, but overall, my headphones are pumping out solid, cheesy power metal.

3) Tea:

I drink about 3/4 of a pot of coffee a day. Not much by some people's standards, but I'm a coffee guy all the way. Still, a cup, or two, of tea has been a ritual at night before bed.

4) V8 Fusion:

Yeah, the fruit+vegetable drink. One or two bottles a week. Why? It's delicious.

5) Steep and Cheap:

WARNING: Click and you will get addicted. Don't blame me for the sudden drop in size of your bank account.

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