Wednesday, November 18, 2009

If it looks like crap...

Smells like crap, and (while I did not taste it, I can guarantee you it) tastes like crap, it must be crap. Thank you anonymous person walking their dog without a baggie, my shoe is very grateful for the mess that now rests upon its sole.* I suppose it is just as much my fault for running well after darkness had settled in, but for the life of me, I can't figure out where along my trek I managed to squish in a pile of crap and not notice! Along the nearly 4 miles which I ran tonight, not once did I see a pile in the bit of light provided by street lamps, nor did I feel a squish! There are only a couple remote places where light from the street lamps does not reach, but when running on the road or sidewalk I can hear the padding of my feet on the ground; I'd notice a moment of silence which was simultaneously occurring with a squishy, soft landing. Ah well, the run was fantastic, dog crap included.

* A friend has mentioned to me that blog posts, in general, should be accompanied by pictures; it makes them more entertaining and just straight up better. This is not one of those posts.

UPDATE: I have decided a picture may be appropriate for this post. I feel the need to warn others about the theorized locations of a now squished pile of pooh. Each red "x" marks a theorized location which was selected based on several criteria: Amount of time spent not on a sidewalk or road, amount of leaf cover/grass, the amount of light provided from street lamps, and the allowance for making contact to the ground with my heel (location of pooh on shoe). Thus, the Highland Ave. "x" is only valid for a downhill decent at the beginning of my run, since I run on the balls of my feet going uphill. No heel contact whatsoever. So, pedestrians, beware!


mrmella said...

Nice picture! Smart friend you have there!

Greg said...

Hey thanks! Yes, she's quite brilliant, if I do say so myself.