Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Packed Day

I haven't done this in a while, but I felt that I needed to elaborate on a dilemma which has presented itself to me this morning. I thought I had my day all planned out, work on my Statistical Mechanics homework... well, mainly rewriting it in a presentable form, followed by my two hour Classical Mechanics course. Nothing out of the ordinary here, just my usual Tuesday morning. However, it's in the afternoon that things start to get crazy. At 2pm I have an NSF workshop (which I will most definitely elaborate on later) which is designed to help students present a strong application to the NSF Fellowship Committee in order to obtain outside funding for research over the next 3 years. This is a two hour workshop, thus taking up a large chunk of my afternoon which could be used for finishing up both Statistical Mechanics and Math Methods homework (both due tomorrow).

Now, there is also a public lecture tonight at 7pm by a NASA astrophysicist dealing with our Sun and it's impact on near-Earth space. Should be interesting. But, unfortunately, this is also the time allocated by my Math Methods TA for office hours which I may or may not need to attend. Hopefully not! Finally, this morning, I got my usual D2U email which is a daily Dartmouth email about the events going on everyday. Well today, General Abizaid, a retired Four Star General will be giving a talk at 4:30pm on US-Middle East relations, which should be a very interesting talk... but that's during my dinner hours! Oh Lord... I wonder if General Abizaid would mind if I ate during his talk? I don't know, we'll see. I'll let you know what my chosen course was later, as well as answer the Physics Question I posed!

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melanie said...

I'd like to point out that you do not have "dinner hours"...some nights you eat at 10pm...some you eat at 6:00pm... ;-p

...I would make you dinner...