Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Best Tuna Melt

You heard me right. The best tuna melt. What about it? I made it, that's what. Okay, admittedly it's probably not the best tuna melt in the world. I'm sure someone, somewhere has either already thought of this same recipe or is making something far superior. Still, I'm no stranger to tuna melts and I've made my fair share of varieties, so I'll share what I've found to be the most delicious recipe I've yet come up with for a tuna melt.

Empty one can of tuna (drained) into a bowl. Instead of using Mayo, added the brine from a jar of pickled jalepenos until the tuna achieves the desired consistency (I like mine to be mushy so it packs well on the sandwich). Add a few dashes of garlic and onion powders and mix thoroughly. Slice a few pieces of (extra) sharp cheddar cheese. Spread half the tuna over one piece of Jewish Rye bread and the other half of tuna over another slice of bread (of course!). Place the cheese on top of one of the pieces of the sandwich. Place in toaster oven and toast until the bread begins to brown and the cheese is nice and melty. Remove from the toaster oven and combine the two halves. Cut in half (for style).

Simple yet super delicious. You could add some cumin to the mix, but I just haven't yet tried it with the straight jalepeno brine. I normally add it when I make the sandwich with mayo, but I don't know if it's necessary with the jalepeno brine. Tuna melts might be simple, but they are cheap, delicious meals with lots of protein. If anyone else tries this, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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