Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Let me first just clarify, no kids are on the way! No, in fact, the title refers to a freakish occurrence that took place last night. I have recently (in the past couple months) been playing in a mens league in the nearby town of Woodstock, VT and the games are, typically, later in the night. This means I generally do not get home until at least 10p and after an hour and a half of hockey, I am starving!

As one would imagine, not much is open at the 10p hour. Gas stations are either closed or have long since packed up their supply of gas station hot dogs. You know, the gross ones on the rollers that are just supremely delicious?! Take a moment... get your mouth to stop watering... and continue. Last night just happened to be hockey night in Woodstock and I found myself to be extremely hungry, post-hockey. First stop was the gas station, but nope, no hot dogs, darn. Continuing home I realized that eggs might be a good option for a post-game meal seeing as Teddy Grahams were not going to be substantial enough. "And you can have cheese!", exclaimed my better half. Good call! After some more discussion it was decided that I had all of the fixings (minus the sausage) for a breakfast burrito! What a delicious option!

Upon arriving at my apartment I began assembling the necessary things for a breakfast burrito (eggs, milk (for the eggs), cheese, salsa, tortilla) and threw the pan on the stove. Here is where the story gets interesting... the first egg went into the pan, no problem. The second egg went into the pan, no problem... waaaaaiiiiit a minute.... I put two eggs in the pan and there are three, yes THREE, yolks! Seriously!? Three!? Inspection of two of the yolks confirmed the hypothesis that two yolks came from one egg. I had not somehow pulled a fast one on myself and put three eggs in the pan, phew! They were slightly smaller than the single yolk from the other egg and were both sitting in the murky goop (is it the egg white at this point? Technically it's milky/clear). Twins. I'm about to eat chicken twins... or what would have been chicken twins. Really brought home the whole "life" thing and that, had this egg not been taken from it's Mama, there would have been twin chicks! Oh well. They were delicious. Great burrito. Thanks guys.

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