Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Dimensions

I always thought that my posts looked rather long for the lack of information that they contained, and today, I took the initiative and solved that problem. A bit of simple editing and BLAMO! No, not the company which distributes Log (BLAMMO!), but 'BLAMO!' as in, ta-da this is my blog! You didn't need me to explain that, but I just had to cover my bases that no one was stuck singing the "Log Song" while they were attempting to read this post. Feel free to leave some feedback with your feelings about the new dimensions.

Before I let you go, seeing that you can't just click the 'x' on your browser or click on your bookmark to Facebook - WAIT! Okay, good. As I was saying, before I let you go... because I know you want to as much as I do...

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