Sunday, April 5, 2009


Depending on how much you drink orange juice, you may or may not have noticed a new program being put on by Tropicana. The company has teamed up with a conservation group, Cool Earth, in order to protect the Rainforest in Peru. By opening an account, for free, you can enter a particular code on your orange juice container which "saves" 100 sq ft of Rainforest. I'm not entirely sure how this works in the long term. According to the Cool Earth, the funds they receive go to hiring "protection". This protection is in the form of a responsible official whose job is to patrol an area of Rainforest, every so often, in order to make sure that no illegal loggers are operating in the area. It seems that in the long term, funding from the purchase of one bottle of orange juice is not enough to sustain active patrol.

Either way, I have opened an account and whenever I purchase Tropicana I make sure to enter the code in order to "do my part". There is one caveat: the larger the bottle of orange juice you purchase, makes no difference. I didn't find this out by trying it and hoping to get more point, but a bottle double the size of the carton is only a dollar or so more! If you don't want to open and account, but purchase Tropicana, just drop me the code number and I'll enter it. Do not worry, there is no monetary award for any of this and last I checked there was no reward at all for any of it, just the comfort of thinking that you're doing something. Whether it actually is doing something is hard to say, but just in case!

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