Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I write tonight with a heavy heart. Today, around 4pm, my pup Sammy took his last breath and entered into the realm of infinite biscuits. I will never forget St. Patricks Day 2009; it will live forever inside me, as will the memory of a pup that touched the lives of everyone he met. With a simple wag of the tail he commanded a room and won the hearts of each and every person he decided should pet him. It was with great sorrow that we had to make the decision to ease him into the next world, but it was the correct one. It would have been cruel for us to keep him in this world longer than he could handle. But, I believe that is the ironic part. His body was going to hell, to be blunt. Standing up after a good nap was a difficult chore and going to the bathroom was no longer a concious decision and yet his heart was pumping as strong as ever. His doctor was amazed at how healthy and strong it was for his frail condition. Sammy loved life. He loved running circles around the yard waiting to find something to bark, and snoofing around the woodpile, searching hopelessly to find a critter to chase, and who could forget all the chores he could do to get food! Sammy loved his food... he loved everything... he was the happiest being on the planet

Sammy... you are missed dearly... I love you.
[June 15, 1994 - March 17, 2009]

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Melanie said...

No honey...he did not command a room with the wag of a tail. He commanded it when he ripped a big, nasty fart.
Don't you recall the night when Ed and Linda came for dinner and he was passing gas in the dining room, so we ran away from him to the living room and he and his gas was DEADLY! He was ALWAYS looking for attention...