Friday, January 30, 2009

Satan's Lamp

Who in the world gave me access to a blog and thought that I was actually going to keep up with it? I don't know, thanks Google for having free blogs. I think if I had to pay for it I would definitely post more often. Although... if it were not free, I wouldn't be blogging! So who knows what the right solution is to get me to post SOMETHING, ANYTHING during the busy times in my life. Well, I shouldn't say that I was all too busy before Christmas, but afterwards I had the important issue of spending time with my girlfriend, who I hadn't seen in 10 weeks. Who has time for blogging when you could be spending time doing something much more entertaining and enjoying the short time you have with you girlfriend!?

Since I had to write about something and not just my pathetic blogging habits, I have decided to save this story just for the blog. And by story, well, it's not really a story. It's more of a weird coincidence that is going way too far. So each day after I spend countless hours in my office, I take the 5 minute walk from Wilder Laboratory to the parking lot which I recently learned was named "the pit". It's just a parking lot... there really isn't anything ominous about it, except the path from the side walk down to the cars is a tad bit steep.

So on this trip, one day, I noticed that the street lamp went out near the Medical School. I've seen this before dozens of times (not this particular street lamp, but in general). I'm not entirely sure why the street lamps go out and do not stay lit - possibly to conserve energy? - but either way it's never different lamps, always the same ones. So I've been tracking the habits of this street lamp each night I walk by. No matter what time of night I walk by it, it ALWAYS goes out when I approach it. There have been times where I've been alone or when other have been walking by... but invariably, whenever I walk up to the lamp, it goes out! What does this lamp have against me!? I mean seriously, once or twice, okay, kinda funny, but every single time!? It's verging on hilarity!

Even today, the lamp went out... except this time, it started flickering like mad when I got up next to it. As the light flickered on and off I was looking around, seeing where my attacker was coming from, I mean... one had to be coming, right!? Aside from the lack of suspenseful music slowly building up as I pass the lamp post, I was convinced that I was in some horror flick with the villain waiting to pounce. I'm pretty sure this lamp has it out for me. It's waiting for me to slip on a patch of ice made invisible by it's lack of photons surging forth to light my way.

Damn that lamp post... I will figure out it's malicious plot one of these days and I shall have my vengeance! Now let us just hope that it's lack of illumination doesn't due me in first!

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